How it Works

To enable Fish Hoek Home Nursing to provide the best possible care and support for a family member the following procedure is done.

A qualified Nursing Sister does an assessment on the patient as well as the home environment.  We would like a family member to be present for this. The patient assessment takes into account areas where the patient is not able to take care of themselves and where support is required to enable them to be independent. Their dignity and wellbeing remain a priority, personal care, toileting, mobilisation, meals, hydration, medication.

On completion of the assessment an individualised support and care plan is written up as well as a quotation on the number of hours required.  Prepayment of 2 weeks care is required before the care can commence.  The Home care rules are discussed and a copy is hand to them. FHHN endeavours to match a carer who has previous experience and knowledge of the patients condition.

Carers are introduced and orientated to the patient by the District Sister, they are given the care plan on care and support required.  The carers are monitored on a regular basis ensuring that the care plan is strictly adhered to. The Sister is notified immediately of any concerns raised by the family or carers.