The Benefits of Choosing an Agency for In-Home Care

Benefits of Choosing Home Care With An Agency

If health or happiness seems to be compromised, it’s time to have a conversation and address the problems. Whether it’s finding in-home care, a retirement community or a senior living community. It’s important to find the right care options for each unique family situation but studies have demonstrated that healing at home has vast benefits. By choosing an agency to assist your family with in-home care, you’ll be enjoying a vast number of benefits that you may not have considered!

Choosing An Agency Over A Private Carer

A private carer is one that you hire to come and work in your home but is not a member of an agency, such as Fish Hoek Home Nursing. You would be employing this person directly to work for you.

  • If your assigned carer cannot make it to work then we send another carer so your care plan will not be interrupted.
  • Our carers have regular days off – even if your care plan requires 24-hour care, you will have a team of carers. This way your carer will never burn out.
  • Our carers are certified and current with their first aid.
  • Your care is supervised by a registered sister who sets up your care plan.
  • You see a sister who assesses your needs and abilities before your care plan is drafted.
  • You are visited by one of our sisters frequently.
  • If you find that you don’t get along with the carer you aren’t trapped. We can work with you rather than you having to start the search for a private carer all over again
  • Money never changes hands with our carer – accounts are settled with the agency
  • We work with medical aids.
  • Any labour issues are handled by our agency
  • A sister can come to your home to perform any in-home sister procedures such as wound care, blood sugar or blood pressure.
  • If legislative issues arise (such as UIF/Registration with SARS), they are handled by our agency.
  • Your account with Fish Hoek Home Nursing can be claimed under medical expense for income tax purposes.
  • If your carer has a concern about your health, our sisters are on hand to assist immediately.
  • Our agency is partnered with local doctors and emergency medical response in the case of emergency, elevated care is accessed quicker.
  • Our agency has 27 years of experience, we have over 100 carers and we have had thousands of patients.



Choosing To Stay At Home Over Choosing To Go To A Facility


A step-down facility, frail care facility or nursing home is an alternative to staying at home with the assistance of carers. But studies show that when a person is able to retain their dignity and lifestyle, that they have quicker improvement.


  • Care is one-on-one instead of carers having to attend to many.
  • Your loved one does not lose their quality of life by having to move away from home
  • Being in familiar surroundings can be especially beneficial for those suffering from progressive conditions that affect the memory such as dementia.
  • The ability to stay living at home means your loved one won’t have to part with their beloved pet. For seniors, pet companionship has been shown to ease loneliness, reduce heart disease, and calm dementia patients. A caregiver’s help can allow seniors to enjoy the benefits of pet companionship, even if they need some assistance caring for the animal.



Choosing To Have At Home Care Over Unnecessary Hospital Care


  • Research shows that patients recover from surgery and illness faster and more successfully in the comfort of their own home
  • Home care enables your family to be a larger part of your loved ones care plan.
  • Treating patients in their homes can be a safer and studies have shown that healing is quicker at home.
  • Studies have shown that going to the hospital unnecessarily can actually make the person worse off! The shock to the system of being taking out of their normal environment and the exposure to hospital-borne germs puts the patient at risk.


While every family has to make choices that work the best for them, considering at home care should be very high on the list of how to keep your loved one at their healthiest and happiest. No one wants to end up in a situation where they don’t feel comfortable. Where is more comfortable than being at home?